Thursday, 9 April 2020

good news - community working together

here is some good news about how our town is helping each other
“Yate and Sodbury Neighbourhood Scheme (YSNS) has been established, in collaboration with local community groups, local churches, Yate Town Council, Sodbury Town Council and Dodington Parish Council in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We aim to have a point of contact for approximately 415 residential roads across the Yate and Sodbury area and so far have over 120 registered volunteers, each one of whom is doing a phenomenal job in serving their community. These volunteers have been provided with an electronic volunteers ID and will eventually also have access to a hi vis branded jacket. The scheme has a core organising committee of 12 members all doing their bit to keep our community safe as well as sharing their expertise with the wider volunteer contingent. This includes procedures for safeguarding and shopping payment as well as providing networks of contacts for organisations such as the food banks. We are so proud of our volunteers and their ongoing commitment to the scheme.”

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