Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bags for cardboard recycling - update

South Gloucestershire Council took down the web page we advised you to check for updates on when more bags for cardboard recycling would be available. We're now told that you can ring 01454 868000 and ask for a bag to be delivered to your home.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Yate Bus Station - today's update (?)

Chris Willmore reports:

The officer now responsible has gone on holiday, but his boss, Mark King has picked up the story. He replied to my chasing email today " Although we have been promised an update from Trueform, who are manufacturing the shelter we have not received it. They promised we would get an update by the end of last week." 

Before he went on leave the officer had called them twice last week to chase, and Mark has also spoken to them. They seem to be saying they will finish making it by the end of November, so will install in December. 

Mark says he has asked for a definite date and has been promised more information following a production meeting this afternoon. He will let us know when there is a definite. But don't pack away the first birthday balloons etc just yet, I still sense we might get undermined again........

More cardboard recycling bags coming!

Despite having insisted there would be no more bags for cardboard recycling, South Glos have caved in to the huge demand and ordered some more.

Over the last few months your Focus Team has been challenging the Tory Cabinet Member responsible to sort out the chaotic distribution of the first 40,000 bags and last week he admitted lessons needed to be learnt. Many people were unaware the bags were ready to collect and where from as the Council didn’t tell them. By the time they found out via the grapevine the bags were gone. Others who did strike lucky were able to walk off with dozens at a time. Trying to find out which distribution points still had bags was nigh on impossible with the website not reflecting the situation on the ground.

We’re now told the new bags will be distributed in the same way as all the other recycling bags. You will be able to call the Council Contact Centre on 01454 868000 to request one and it will be delivered to your house. The Council don’t yet know when the new bags will arrive but they promise that the latest updates will be on their website. Let’s hope this new process works much more smoothly.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Royal visit to Yate to see Armadillo Youth Cafe 13 December

Prince Edward will be coming to Yate on Tuesday 13th December to visit the Armadillo Youth Cafe and Venue. Members of the public will be very welcome to see him arrive. There will be an unveiling ceremony in the garden so the public can see via fence. Free flags and drinks will be provided for the public.

Local councillors are asking schools to allow young people to come, and hope they will recognise the educational value, despite it being during the school day.

Cllr Chris Willmore said "This is an honour for residents who have backed the scheme from the start, to the young people who have made it a reality and to all those who have given time and money to make it happen. It is the first public visit by a member of the royal family to Yate for 20 years".

"We are surprised, and honoured at the recognition of our project. it is a real boost for our town and the visit of our young people and residents. We hope it will be a day to remember for young people, many of whom will be personally presented to the prince, who will spend time with young people in the cafe itself"

We'll publish more details - times etc - in due course.