Monday, 13 August 2018

82 bus - campaign for real time info

Thank you to everyone who has got in touch about 82 bus reliability problems since we alerted you in June to the fact that it is sometimes missing out the Chipping Sodbury section.

At a face-to-face meeting last week your Focus Team councillors challenged First Bus bosses about this failure. They said that because the route goes through a number of traffic hot spots it is vulnerable to getting badly delayed and if that happens they cut out Chipping Sodbury and turn round at Yate.

When we asked what happens to people waiting at the Clock Tower, their reply was that the sign will switch to cancelled. So we explained there is no real time information sign there, to which their answer was that people could check their app or website! We suggested they get real - not everyone has a smart phone or knows how to use their app.

Focus Team Cllr Phil O'Rourke, pictured below, is campaigning to get real time information at the Clock Tower. That way if a bus is running so late it is going to be turned round at Yate, people can decide if it is better to walk down to Yate or catch another bus instead. First Bus are refusing to install a new real time sign at a cost of about £7k - we have suggested moving one from a stop where there are no longer any buses.

Phil O'Rourke, Claire Young and Ben Nutland
campaigning for the return of the 82 bus to
Chipping Sodbury in 2016

Friday, 10 August 2018

Success - bus campaign victory!

Great news - First Bus have listened to the concerns your Focus Team councillors raised when we met them this week and have had a rethink. The Cranleigh Court and North Road areas, which were left high and dry by the previous plans, will have a bus to Bristol.

The revised Y3 service will go along Iron Acton Way to the Brimsham traffic lights, turn into Greenways Road and then head down Cranleigh Court Road to Station Road on its way to the town centre.

Thanks to all the local residents who got involved - it's your voices that make the difference. We’ve won round one of the battle because you told us your concerns and gave us the evidence and we got in quickly to put the case to First Bus.

The fight goes on to help those living in the Halifax Road and Wellington Road area.

Save our bus - sign our petition!

Changes to the 46 and X46 buses, which many residents only heard about when we told them here and in Focus, will leave many people in North Yate without a service to Bristol.

As we reported last week, the X46 is being replaced by the Y3 and the 46 by the Y4. Although the Y services are better for some, they cut out the following parts of the old routes:

  • Cranleigh Court Road and Greenways Road from the Cranleigh Court to Church Road junctions
  • Iron Acton Way, Goose Green Way, Greenways Road from the western Goose Green Way junction to the Halifax Road junction, Halifax Road and Wellington Road from there to Goose Green Way.

Effectively First Bus are cutting services to parts of Yate so they can improve them for the Metro Mayor's village of Winterbourne!

We know many rely on this service, so we’re trying to save it. Please sign our petition at and share it with other bus users who stand to lose out.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

All change on the buses

New high speed buses with special Yate numbers are being introduced from 2 September. The numbers change, and the times will change slightly - so you need to check YOUR journey carefully. Most of it is rebadging, so all the Yate buses have a Y number, making them easier to find.

But tucked in there are some significant changes. In particular, Cranleigh Court and Wellington Road areas lose the 46/X46 route - the route will exist, but it won’t go through Cranleigh Court / Halifax/Wellington Road. Nearest bus stops will be Church Road or Station Road. For many people it looks like their nearest stop will be in Randolph Avenue – with no shelter although the stop opposite that will no longer be served has a shelter.
  • Y1 - Every 30 minutes Mon - Sat (hourly on Sundays) via M32 high speed - old 47 route around Yate/Sodbury. In Bristol it goes to the BRI and the Centre, but not Bristol Bus Station. All other Bristol services go to the Bus Station.
  • Y2 - Hourly 7 days a week  on the old 47 route evenings, but day time it will start at Yate shopping centre.
  • Y3 - Hourly Mon to Sat, same route as old X46 but it will come into Yate along Station Road and do a one way route around Brimsham Park.
  • Y4 - Hourly 7 days a week same as old 46 as far as Yate Station, but will not serve Cranleigh Court Rd / Greenways Rd  area - it will go direct to Yate Bus Station  (so the 202 and 622 will be the only buses in Cranleigh Court)
  • Y5 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on same route as old X49.
  • Y6 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on the same route as old 82 

Please encourage people who use the buses to check their journeys and tell Ian Blair (, tel 864099) about any other problems e.g. changes of times or precise routes. The new timetables are available here - just type in the new "Y" route number, click Submit, then click the "Display, Download and Print" button.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Sundridge Park resurfacing delayed until October

South Glos have said: "Unfortunately, we have had to postpone these resurfacing works.
I anticipate that they will be rearranged for the school holidays in October and will send out a confirmation letter nearer the time"

We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Works near Chedworth - rail clearup has started

The Network Rail works next to Chedworth ground to a halt a while ago when the main contractors Carillion went into bankruptcy. The good news is that Network Rail's new contractor is now on site for the remaining 4 weeks  or so of work, so we hope to see an improvement there soon.

On the project to electrify the main line, the Besom Lane temporary compound just across the footbridge from Shire Way is expected to remain until February 2019.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Wickwar Road to be closed 23 July to 4 August

More road works... A length of the B4060, the main road between Wickwar and Chipping Sodbury, will be closed from 23 July until 4 August 2018.

Drainage works will be taking place from 700m south of the junction with Frith Lane, heading 50 metres towards Chipping Sodbury.