Saturday 20 March 2021

Yate wins Age Friendly Status

Thanks to work pioneered by Lib Dem Yate Town Councillors, the town has been awarded UK Age Friendly Status.

This recognises all the work going on, led by Cllr John Gawn and his committee to make Yate a better place for older people. Thank you to everyone who has helped with our work on making Yate age friendlier so far. There is a mass of work to be done, and as we saw with the park gates, changes help everyone, whatever your age
If you would like to be a community champion- an older person letting us know what needs to be done, feeding in ideas, getting the news first about new opportunities - do please contact us. You can ring on 01454 866506 or email

Monday 15 March 2021

Focus Team Councillors fund new police electric bikes

Have you seen the local police out and about on the new electric bikes, funded by Yate councillors Ruth Davis John Gawn and Ben Nutland, from MAF money.

These are already in use, helping the police get about faster, and get to places police cars can't. The police say they are great. 

Thanks Ruth, John and Ben.

(picture, Ruth, John and Ben outside the South Glos Offices with the bikes and the police who are using them.)