Tuesday, 25 February 2020


If you live in Yate and you are 60+ would you be interested in becoming a' Champion' - Yate Town Council has worked with outside experts consulting and listening to local residents to identify an ambitious plan called Yate Ageing Better. The aim is to make our whole town more age friendly. A key part of the plan is to find older residents willing to be champions. A champion will - keep their ear to the ground, alert the Ageing Better group when they hear problems, and share news and ideas with people they know or groups they attend. Does that sound like you? If so, could you ring Leah on 01454 866506. Some Champions may also decide to get stuck into making change happen - and that would be great, but not every Champion will want to do that.

Monday, 24 February 2020

Birds - Tree planting

Local councils and groups have been working with South Glos on the first year of a major tree planting programme. Across South Glos around 8,250 young trees have been planted. 

In Dodington Parish local councillors worked with residents to find out where they did and didn't want trees. For example they didn't want trees that would block where children play.

In Lilliput Park a class of children from Raysfield School planted 100 trees, helped by South Glos and Dodington staff and by volunteers from Avon Wildlife Trust Southwold Group. Before Christmas the same partnership helped schoolchildren create a wildlife flower area.

South Glos also planted trees near Goldcrest play area and along hedges around Abbotswood School, Kelston Close and near Chedworth. 

In all about 800 trees were planted in the parish. The extra trees will improve air quality and capture something between 0.5 and 5 tonnes of CO2 a year, bringing health improvements for local people.

Many of the trees will  have pollen rich flowers and fruit, ideal for birds (e.g crab apple, cherry and rowan), so there will be definite biodiversity gains.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

FREE Leisure Centre activities for people with Dementia and their carers

Yate Leisure centre runs FREE sessions on Mondays - with singing, tea and coffee and chance to use a range of sports facilities for people with dementia and their carers. To find out more ring or email Mike at the Leisure Centre - mike.jones@circadiantrust.org or 0300 333 0300

Friday, 21 February 2020

Ladden Gardens Play Area Fiasco

If you were planning a new play area on the new development in north Yate, would you put it within 30m of the existing well loved play area in the current park, Brinsham Fields?  Well that is what the planners are insisting the developers do. Instead of using the money to put more equipment in the current play area, they are insisting they build a new one just yards away - which means money gets wasted on unnecessary fencing, bins etc, when they could use that money in the existing fenced play area to put in more equipment.  It will mean a teenage kickabout area being with 30 m of houses.

But don't blame the developers. They were willing to talk to the Friends of the Park and the Town Council who run the park about a better solution. But S Glos officials were insisting it had to be separate.

Yesterday, the Friends of the Park, and Cllrs Chris Willmore and Mike Drew took the issue to the highest level, at South Gloucestershire Strategic Sites Committee. They showed officials and councillors the problems, they asked for them simply to agree to come to the negotiating table to find a better solution.

South Gloucestershire refused. They insisted on ploughing ahead and giving the green light to this crazy situation. Lib Dem and Labour Councillors voted for Mike Drew's proposal to get everyone round a table to sort it out. But the Tories, none of whom live anywhere near Yate pushed through the officer recommendation. 

The Friends of the Park raise money from all sorts of sources to improve our park, to see money being wasted just yards away is disappointing. We still hope we can work with the developers to get around this crazy mess.

(Picture: The red mark is the play area S Glos is insisting the developers put in, the blue one is the current play area in the park, which has lots of space for more equipment)

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Zero Tolerance to Graffiti in Yate: Graffiti Busters

  • Led by the Focus Team, Yate Town Council  has launched a new, FREE graffiti removal service to residents. Call 01454 856506

    Lead Councillor on graffiti, Alan Monaghan has made it clear that graffiti is not something the Town Council or residents are willing to accept in Yate.  

    The Council is proud to launch our own Zero Tolerance Scheme offering FREE graffiti removal for householders - any resident in Yate can use this service. 

    The Town Council has purchased specialised steam cleaning equipment and has introduced a ‘One Stop’ graffiti reporting service.

    To try to prevent the problem, the council is working with South Glos’ Anti-Social Behaviour and Community Safety Team and The Local Beat Team, who have created an active Problem-Solving Plan.

    Detached youth workers are working with young people to highlight the problems graffiti causes.  The council are also working with Virgin Media and BT Openreach to identify and clean the green and grey communication cabinets that have been attacked by spray can vandals.

    How can you help?

    You can help by reporting graffiti attacks, but we’ve identified that some of the graffiti tags round here are from groups based in Bristol.   Do you know who your younger family members are hanging out with?  Involvement with graffiti often leads to more serious crime.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Doing up Millside park and playzone

Members of the Focus Team on Yate Town Council have been working with officers to raise cash to add a new multi play unit at Millside , and expand the sculpture trail in the park with more wood carvings and interpretation boards to extend play and help children to learn about their natural environment through play..

This will replace the carvings vandalised last summer.
We are delighted to announce we have now got £45,155 so we can go ahead with the project).

(You may have seen reports of this in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago, but that was a press release from someone who had not been involved in the grant process, and just heard we had an application in and we were likely to get the money.) Now it has been confirmed.

We are also working to raise the money to put in a grit or gravel path through the park, as particularly at the Goose Green Way end, it gets extremely muddy.