Friday, 31 October 2014

Would you like a stall at the Armadillo Christmas Fayre?

The Armadillo Youth Venue and Cafe is holding its Christmas Fayre on Saturday 6 December.

If you would be interested in having a stall at the event please contact Sophie Webber (Adminstration Apprentice) on 001454 869441 or email Sophie at

Free basketball sessions for 14 to 18 year olds, male or female

If you would like to join this free club at Yate International Academy on Fridays, please contact or call 01454 865821.

Grants for community groups

Local voluntary organisations, community groups and Parish Councils have until Wednesday 26th November to apply for a range of grant funding from South Gloucestershire Council - Community Grants, New Homes Bonus (NHB) and Positive Activities Subsidy (PAS) grants.  The final decisions on all three will be made by councillors at the area forum meeting in March.

Community Groups are aimed at projects that benefit local people. Generally the grants are less than £3,000 but more can be awarded if the Forum thinks it is justified.

New Homes Bonus funding is a grant which the council receives annually from central government, based on the number of homes built or brought back into use. This money would typically be used for larger projects. It's worth contacting your ward councillor to find out more, as the number of new homes built has varied greatly between the wards.

The Positive Activities Subsidy grant funding is to help local young people aged 13 to 19 (up to 25 for disabled people) to take part in, or initiate, activities.  Applications should be for projects which are accessible, affordable, wanted and valued by young people. Frome Vale has very little of this funding left to allocate.

To apply visit (free internet access is available at all South Gloucestershire libraries). For more information call the grants helpline on 01454 865865 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm) or email

More work to start on next stage of "Yate Spur" cycle path

More work is due to start on the next stage of the Yate Spur cycle path next month.

People living near the Kidney Hill junction are receiving letters telling them that work to widen the carriageway on the northern side of Westerleigh Road to accommodate a new refuge is expected to start on 17th November and last for four weeks. Temporary traffic lights will be used during the work and access to properties will be available at all times.

Your Focus Team is still campaigning for the remaining length of the Yate Spur - the "Missing Link" - to be completed around Westerleigh and through to the Shire Way mini-roundabout. You can sign our petition online at or we can supply paper copies if you would like to help collect signatures that way. 

Wapley footbridge works now under way

The work to raise the Wapley footbridge to make room for the overhead cables for electric trains is now under way. Network Rail's contractors have been clearing vegetation and test drilling to check out the ground conditions.

A temporary footbridge will be provided while the main bridge is out of use. Unfortunately the temporary bridge won't be suitable for pushchairs or prams.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Clocks and street lights

You've probably had enough reminders to put your clocks back an hour at 2 am on Sunday. But what will our street lights do? When will they go off? You may remember all the fuss when faulty photocells meant that street lights went off much too early for a couple of weeks.

Crews from the council’s StreetCare team have been replacing thousands of faulty photocells on South Gloucestershire’s streetlights - they were still doing parts of South Yate today (24 October)

The faulty units have been replaced by the manufacturer at no charge to the council and by this autumn’s hour change, more than 9,000 replacement photocells in mainly urban areas will have been installed. A final 3,000 units, in mainly rural areas, will be replaced by the end of November - they haven't srrived from the manufacturer yet.

In areas where the replacement photocells are being installed after 26 October, existing street lights will continue to switch off an hour earlier than intended, at approximately 1045pm. This is expected to begin on 20 October and will last for about two weeks, before units come back into line with GMT or are replaced as part of the ongoing works.

As well as resolving the hour change issue the replacement units have also been adjusted to operate to the council’s revised part-night lighting regime of 1am to 5am, providing an extra hour of light each night.

Part-night lighting was adopted by the council as part of measures to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions through South Gloucestershire. Approximately two-thirds of the district’s 30,000 street lights have been switched to part-night operation.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Free school meals for all infants

Steve Webb is keen to hear YOUR feedback on the new School Meals scheme. From this term, infant age children will ALL get a free meal at lunch time in School. As well as catching many lower income children who miss out on free school meals, the evidence from places where this is already the policy is that *all* children benefit from this time together eating a nutritious meal. This is a Lib Dem initiative nationally. Steve would like to hear from parents and pupils about it - you can email him on