Monday, 18 January 2016

South Glos funding cut more than expected

We were already expecting that South Glos Council would have to make significant cuts in the coming year but the news from the Conservative government was even worse than had been planned for. The council will be getting less money than expected from the Government to provide services.

The council can now charge a levy of up to 2% towards rising social care costs, on top of the up to 1.99% council tax rise allowed without a referendum. Even if council tax did go up by 3.99% including the social care levy, there is likely to be a shortfall in 2018/19 of around £6m and in 2019/20 of £8m - which would require even more cuts on top of the £34m already planned for.

Due to these and other changes since the council's budget consultation was launched, the deadline for comments has been extended until 31st January. You can find out more and have your say here.

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