Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Rodford Way safety proposals - have your say!

Rodford Way and the junctions along it have seen a succession of accidents over the years, and following pressure from local councillors (see our previous blog post) South Glos Council have drawn up proposals for improvements:

Shire Way / Sundridge Park junction - There have been many vehicle accidents here because drivers aren't certain who has priority. It is proposed to put some "Give Way" markings in the central crossover areas to make this clear.

Shire Way junction - a number of cyclists have been injured here, possibly because drivers pulling out of Shire Way are too busy trying to work out what cars in the centre of the road are doing. It is proposed to mark out the cycle lane with green surfacing and put up a sign to remind drivers that there is a cycle lane. (At the moment it is not intended to do the same on the Sundridge Park side of the junction, but that would seem very logical)

Abbotswood junction - at school run times a lot of vehicles, sometimes minibuses as well as cars, do a very dangerous U-turn via the mouth of Abbotswood and across both lines of traffic and both cycle lanes. We've personally witnessed a number of very near misses here. It is proposed to put in a traffic island at the mouth of Abbotswood to deter U-turns and to prohibit this dangerous manouvre.

Rodford Way near Kelston Close - The final part of the proposals is for an advisory 20mph speed limit on Rodford Way near Kelston Close in both directions, in line with Council policy to install 20mph speed restrictions outside schools. The restriction will operate at school opening and closing times as shown by signs with flashing lights. The road is so busy that it's not uncommon to see 30 or so people all trying to cross the road at once between the Abbotswood car park and Kelston Close.

You can comment on South Glos's proposals here - the consultation closes on Wednesday 5 February.

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