Monday, 8 August 2016

Tell Claire - What issues matter to YOU?

As we reported recently, local councillor Claire Young is now the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Thornbury and Yate.

Of course she has already campaigned right across the constituency in a number of elections, but now she has launched a campaign "Tell Claire", asking local residents about their views on the most pressing local and national issues. Your views and opinions matter to us, as they help us to ensure we campaign for the things that YOU care about.

Please take a few moments to fill in Claire's survey here:

Please do also pass this link onto any friends and family members who might be interested.


  1. This is a good idea. However I do hope you are putting this questionnaire in a focus leaflet. This way you get the widest coverage,ideas recruits etc. Also remember that boundary changes are in the pipeline. If you can find out which areas are lost or gained and campaign in thoe relevant areas.

  2. Thank you Nigel, I'm sure we will, but probably with local variations to ask as well about issues that are already controversial in particular areas. And yes, we're already taking boundary changes into account in our strategy. Good to hear from you.