Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Update on roadworks at Shire Way / Rodford Way / Sundridge Park junction

LATEST UPDATE - Closure will now be 9 am to 5 pm, not 4 pm.

As we reported the other day, there will be work at this junction to improve safety on this dangerous junction. We now have more details. The work is scheduled for Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th June, but if all goes to plan they will finish by the end of Tuesday.

The road closures will be from 9 am to approximately 4 pm each day. The Shire Way side of the junction will be tackled on Monday, and if there are no holdups they will move on to the Sundridge Park side on Tuesday. The work affects the Rodford Way carriageways as well, not just the Shire Way and Sundridge Park entrances, so to be safe you should assume that you won't be able to go along that stretch of Rodford Way either.

South Glos have been in touch with the bus companies. First Bus are planning to divert services from 9 am until 4pm on Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday if the roadworks are not complete. They will publish their diversions online on Thursday - presumably on their "current issues" web page - and South Glos will put notices on all the bus stops as soon as they know the diversion route. Wessex have also been told because their 620 service runs along Rodford Way.


  1. thanks for that Paul cant see how they can reroute buses to cover south Yate.

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    Thanks for this info, can't find anything on the council website!!

  3. Anonymous10:44 am

    Ditto 'Anonymous' above. Many thanks for keeping us informed, Focus/LibDems

  4. Resident3:58 pm

    Great to see the improvements to the junction. But, it seem to have gone unacknowledged that the majority of the vehicles doing these U turns are parents and taxi drivers collecting children from the nearby school(s). I even witnessed a council refuse lorry doing one at this location a few weeks ago. When the works are complete and this manoeuvre is potentially displaced to other junctions will the same money be available? The road would be a lot safer if SGC, VOSA and the parish council stopped the Eurotaxis and HGVs using it as depot and parking over night. Given the number of accidents a speed camera/signal controlled crossing wouldn't go a miss.

  5. Thanks Resident - it wasn't just parents and taxis, worse than that it was the minibuses. In due course there will be legal prohibitions on U-turns and the deterrent for professional drivers would be that they would be subject to a fine or licence points (not sure which).

    The parish council has no powers over parking. HGVs have to be kept in registered premises overnight, but it's surprising how big a vehicle has to be before it's an HGV. We haven't noticed any actual HGVs parking there habitually, and the minibuses are probably exempt from any restrictions that apply to "real buses". By the way, VOSA is now Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)