Friday, 17 June 2016

Competition for images of the fields to the north of Brinsham Park before they are developed!

Yate Town Council has announced a competition to photograph, paint or draw for posterity the fields to the north of Brinsham Park before they are developed.

Record a snap shot in time...capture the sense of place…what makes it special and unique? Fields.. gateways.. hedgerows.. ponds.. tracks.. wild life ..birds.. butterflies.. insects.. trees.. wild flowers.. streams.. rabbits.. Consider the obvious and common place and not so obvious! All entries will be compiled into a historic record. A small prize will be given to the winner to be judged on creative and imaginative observation capturing the essence of the area.

To enter: please send/scan colour or black and white images in any format to or upload and post on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would prefer, send or deliver, a hard copy to Yate Town Council, Poole Court, Poole Court Drive, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 5PP.

For more information tel. 01454 866506 or check

Rules: Please abide by the countryside rules and do not stray from the footpaths.
Copyright for future YTC publications is required for all entries.
Competition open to all ages, amateur or professional. Closing date 31st July 2016.


  1. Anonymous8:01 am

    Congratulations SGC what a wonderful ironic completion....

    "Record a snap shot in time...capture the sense of place…what makes it special and unique?" Clearly not that unique if you are allowing development.

    While i applaude your approach to community engagement, may I respectfully suggest that YOU record the beauty and natural environment of this area. It is YOU that is allowing it to be removed. Hopefully then, in process of doing so it might become apparent to you what you are doing.

    PS spelling Brimsham correctly would be a start in convincing people how much you value this area......

  2. It is SGC that is giving planning permission, but the competition is being run by Yate Town Council to record the area for the community. Also, place name spelling is not an exact science. The original name was Brinsham - after Brinsham Lane and Brinsham Farm - but the Brimsham spelling seems to have been an error starting in the 1970s when Brimsham Green School was built. The park is Brinsham Fields and Brinsham Lake. You will note that the article is tagged at the bottom with both spellings to make it searchable using either. This blog hasn't been consistent, I admit, but both spellings are correct.

  3. Anonymous6:33 am

    Thank you for clarity on the spelling and who is giving planning permmission. I note with some interest you have not commented on whether you are in support of the development and the irony of calling it special and unique before its built on. Nor have said if SGC or self's will be spending any money recording what is about to be lost forever.