Thursday, 3 March 2016

Rodford Way safety schemes under way

You may have seen the road works going on in Rodford Way last week - these are the first stage of the road safety project that was consulted on recently. Most of the proposals put forward by your local Focus Team met with general agreement by local residents:

1. Abbotswood U-turn prohibition and splitter island (8 against, 47 in support)

The island has now been installed. The proposed Traffic Regulation Order required for the prohibition signs will be advertised for potential implementation later in 2016.

2. Advisory 20mph speed limit for Abbotswood and Culverhill Schools (17 against, 36 in support)

This will go ahead. Times of operation will be designed to suit both schools and nursery drop off and collection times.

3. Cycle safety measures (5 against, 50 in support)

The Rodford Way / Shire Way cycle track visibility improvement will definitely go ahead. The Rodford Way / Sundridge Park part will be reviewed along with the vehicle crossover and will depend on how much money is left.

4. Shire Way and Sundridge Park junction markings (25 against, 31 in support)

The main vehicle crossover changes are to be delayed pending a detailed review of concerns raised during consultation. In particular this will look at potential queuing onto Rodford Way and whether changes might reduce visibility for emerging vehicles at peak traffic times.

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