Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The local dimension - keeping our area green for future generations

Caring for our environment has always been a key Lib Dem principle. Over the past four years we have worked to increase the amount of rubbish South Gloucestershire recycles. We will use green space designation powers to help keep our area green for future generations.

We will: 
  1. Use the Council’s planning powers to protect green spaces to the same level as the Green Belt.
  2. Work to ensure more affordable housing is available locally (including through support for self-build schemes) while ensuring that neighbouring authorities also take their fair share.
  3. Protect the local Green Belt from unsuitable developments.
  4. Continue to improve recycling rates and increase the range of items that can be recycled.
  5. Reduce the Council’s carbon emissions through energy saving and increased use of renewables.
Our record of action...

We delivered on our 2011 manifesto commitment to collect Tetrapaks for recycling as well as mixed
plastics and small electrical items. We’ve also pushed the council to cut its energy bills and carbon footprint.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

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