Thursday, 28 May 2020


South Glos has published a big set of proposals for new parking restrictions around the centre of Yate. Here are the proposals for Church Rd - we have been delivering a special Focus to alert residents in Church Rd but please will you share with people you known who use the school, church, pubs or just drive through , so they can comment. The S Glos deadline for comment is 15th June.

Please note, that to comment officially, rather than emailing Joshua direct, you need to do it by post, OR go to the website and look for ' Yate Various roads' then register with S Glos and then you can add your comments. Bureaucratic (don't blame us) but it really is important your comments count. If you can't get their official site to work properly, then email Joshua and he will pass it on.
We will be publishing the rest of the proposals on this site in separate posts in the next few days - you can see the whole package at

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