Monday, 4 May 2015

The local dimension - Health and caring

South Gloucestershire has some brilliant and caring health professionals. But  services are still not always as good as they should be. We will work closely with residents and the local NHS to help drive up standards and improve support for carers.

We will:
  1. Lobby for greater support and recognition for carers in South Gloucestershire.
  2. Foster stronger partnership with your local NHS to help enable better local services.
  3. Increase emphasis on helping people to lead healthier lives and doing more to help tackle chronic health problems caused by smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  4. Support more work to help to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.
  5. Work in partnership with the police to help tackle anti-social behaviour and create a sense of safety for all.
Our record of action...

We have consistently campaigned for more health services to be provided at Yate, Thornbury and elsewhere so you don’t have to travel to Southmead unnecessarily.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

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