Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Street Care using the Road to Nowhere

The South Glos Council's Street Care team are going to be using the end of the Road to Nowhere nearest the Badminton Road offices as a temporary storage and compound area to support the implementation of the new waste strategy. This is the bit north of the railway line, at the end of Culvert Avenue - it's NOT the part of the Road to Nowhere on the Yate Common side.

Initially the site will be used to store vehicles overnight while the existing yard at Dean Road is re-developed. The site will then be used to store the new recycling vehicles and finally will provide space to support the changeover of household bins. All the activity is temporary, they will be off the site by the end of 2017 and no waste will be stored on the site at any time.

This week they have cleared the overgrown vegetation and will be laying some additional gravel over the next few days before securing the front and back with a fence to link the existing side fences. The large rocks will stay in place at the entrance until the site is fully secured. Once in use there will be additional security.

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  1. Anonymous9:04 pm

    for gods sake thought there was accually work going on to open the road u need pull ur finger out and get this road open take most of the traffic off station road come on sort it out now