Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Progress report on Rodford Way traffic issues

Flashback - Paul Hulbert and Tony Davis
at the Abbotswood junction
Proposals are being developed to reduce accidents and hazards at the Rodford Way / Abbotswood junction and the offset junction between Shire Way, Rodford Way and Sundridge Park. Ideas on the table at the moment are as follows:
  • Prohibiting U-turns on Rodford Way near the Abbotswood junction, with a short length of central island being put in the mouth of Abbotswood (to reduce the near-misses between U-turning traffic and vehicles continuing along the road)
  • An advisory 20 mph limit on Rodford Way near the Kelston Close junction, marked by flashing lights, at school opening and closing times (to avoid the dangers to families crossing at these busy times)
  • Changing the slip lane priorities at the offset junction and making the cycle lanes more obvious there (to reduce the unacceptable rate of cyclist casualties at this junction)
 These ideas may change as the plan is worked up - we'll keep you informed.

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