Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rodford Way accident blackspots to be tackled

Paul Hulbert and Tony Davis at the Abbotswood junction on Rodford Way
Last week's Frome Vale Area Forum approved expenditure on two of the accident blackspots on Rodford Way.

One of the worst spots is the offset junction between Rodford Way, Shire Way and Sundridge Park. As Paul Hulbert explained to the meeting, drivers are confused by the lack of clear priorities at the junction. South Glos investigated and found that most of the casualties are actually cyclists - the drivers are obviously too busy looking out for other cars that they don't see the cyclists. The proposal is largely road markings to make the priorities clear and make the cycle lanes much more obvious.

A liitle further down Rodford Way, at the Abbotswood junction, there have been quite a few "near misses" as vehicles do U-turns in this very wide road mouth. As Tony Davis told the Forum, this partiularly happens during peak times when drivers want to get into Kelston Close, where the schools are (and where a new housing development is planned). The intention is to put an island in the mouth of the road to prevent U-turns.

Both schemes should be put in over the next year.

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