Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Profit before people as trees chopped down on Rodford School site

If you live near the former Rodford School site, your local landscape has changed. Many of the trees on the site have now been cut down to clear it for the housing development.

The developers were given permission for this even though some of the trees had Tree Preservation Orders - many of the trees and hedges were there since before the estate was built.

All our local councillors voted to retain the trees with TPOs, but they were outvoted by the Tory and Labour councillors who don't even live around here. 

Edit 18/02/2015, as suggested by a knowledgeable reader: It's also important to make sure that the correct tree protection fencing is erected BEFORE any construction works start - if not they'll be in breach of planning condition. If anyone reading this sees diggers on the site before the fencing is up, please email and we'll make sure it's reported. Thanks!

Residents and councillors watched the trees being cut down
Local councillors Tony Davis and Gloria Stephen.
You can see that they weren't impressed!

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