Friday, 23 February 2018

South Glos consultations: Special Educational Needs /Disability, climate, social housing, sports facilities

Lots of South Glos consultations are around at the moment. Let's hope that some of them result in actions rather than just intentions:

Draft Special Educational Needs and/or Disability Strategy, 2018-2023. Deadline 12 March

Climate Change Strategy 2018-2023, aims to help South Glos become climate resilient with a thriving Low Carbon economy and lifestyle. Deadline 12 March

Proposed changes to Homechoice Re-housing Policy: how they assess applications for and allocate social housing. Deadline 26 March

Draft Playing Pitches, Indoor and Built Sports Facilities Strategies from South Gloucestershire Council, who seek your comments. Deadline 24 April

Other South Glos consultations are available from the Public Consultation home page

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