Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our last chance to stop 3000 more houses for Yate!

At a public hearing on 29 June a government appointed inspector will hear the last evidence about the proposed development at Brimsham. If the inspector gives the green light that will mean 3000 more houses on the fields near Brimsham, and put yet more strain on our already stretched roads and community facilities.

Make no mistake, there would be no new main roads, nothing to deal with town centre congestion, and only 9 hectares of employment - not enough for the new residents. South Glos says vaguely that the shortfall will be made up by things like "encouraging home working".

Chris Willmore will be representing local people at the enquiry. She'll be presenting all the letters and the comments we've received throughout this campaign.

If you haven't signed our petition or put your comments in yet, there's still time - just click this link:
Stop Brimsham Park Housing by Monday 25 June, to give us time to convert the petition and your comments into a document that Chris can present.

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