Monday, 19 September 2011

Marks and Spencer want to come to Yate

The owners of Yate Shopping Centre have submitted a planning application for a Marks & Spencer Simply Food store in East Walk at the Yate Shopping Centre. They would occupy two of the four new units proposed for the extension to the rank where Superdrug is. The new shop would also sell some non-food goods. It is hoped that the new store will be open by late 2012.

The Shopping Centre has ambitions to attract other major brands now, perhaps to the other two nw units.


  1. Nevo539:28 am

    I'm a bit concerned about the direction the planning is going.

    1 Create a massive Tesco superstore, requiring large car parking area for increased customer cachement.

    2 Reduce the parking area with more retail units, at a time when there are so many empty units.

    This seems so long term as to be unworkable.

  2. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Yes, let's just open a new Bewise and 5 new pound shops instead.

    1. Nevo532:23 pm

      A year later, & I see what you mean.