Monday, 24 January 2011

Rail shelter fixed at last as First Great Western see sense

We have won! The Yate Station shelter has been repaired! OK, it has taken from September until this week - but First Great Western have listened, thanks to Lib Dem Cllr and train user Chris Willmore.

Instead of replacing it, yet again, with glass or plastic that gets broken, we told them to spend to save, and put in the metal mesh with small holes that Lib Dem Yate Town Council has been using successfully on bus stops for years.

They have listened. This is far harder to vandalise (and no, that is NOT a challenge) and people can still see in and out so it feels secure - so with luck our train users should get shelter for a long time. And perhaps First Great Western might even learn the lesson and use this mesh in other places.


  1. Correction ! The metal mesh with small holes surrounding the bus shelters that used to belong to Yate Town Council before the vandals on South Glos Council removed them all and replaced them with guess what ? Plastic !