Sunday, 19 September 2010

Local transport campaigners win fight for better consultation

The Joint Transport Plan is the most important road, rail and bus plan for the next few years. Campaigners fighting for better road and public transport links from Yate were horrified when South Gloucestershire Council's only local effort at public consultation was three hours at Yate Shopping Centre on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Cllr Chris Willmore complained "Yate shopping centre may be the centre of the universe to some people, but thinking you can get a proper understanding of public views by standing there one Tuesday lunchtime is mad. Our biggest problem is commuter traffic and by definition anyone who commutes out of town to work won't be on Yate Shopping centre on a Tuesday lunchtime - and even those who work around the industrial estates of Yate aren't there"

When campaigners complained, they were told that the policy was only having one Saturday public consultation event, and that had been scheduled for Bradley Stoke!

Again campaigners replied "But Bradley Stoke already has lots allocated to it in the scheme. They have virtually no transport proposals for Yate, yet they plan to add 3000 extra houses at Yate - we need to be talking with officials for them to hear our problems and find solutions"

Eventually, after a struggle, officials have agreed to do another consultation - on Yate Shopping Centre next Saturday, 25th Sept from 10 to 12 am.

Campaigner Chris Willmore is now calling on local people who have any travel worries - commuting, getting to hospital, shops, the cinema - and whether it is about cars, roads, buses or trains to come along and tell officials.

Chris added "Officials have told us that the public are not interested, which is why they were not bothered - let's show them they are wrong!"

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