Friday, 30 July 2010

Urgent - have your say now on housing

Even though it was the end of the last week of school term, and people were about to go on holiday residents turned out last Friday to hear Chris Willmore and Steve Webb explain more about how they can fight South Gloucestershire's plans for 3000 houses here. And hear that Barretts is planning 250.

The meeting very much concluded that the development already in the pipeline, some 500 houses, is enough to meet local needs and we should oppose the massive development at Brimsham Park as a community. The biggest issue people felt was the fact there is no suggestion of any road improvements, so the 3000 extra households, will put 4000+ extra cars on the road.

Deadline for getting your comments in is 6th August.

Update - also see our later post with suggestions for commenting to South Glos.

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