Monday, 2 August 2010

Ideas for your comments on the Core Strategy (housing) document

The Core Strategy document is very complicated, but that means that there's lots you can say about it.

If you would prefer to have a starting point for your comments, please feel free to copy and modify the text from this page - it's the text from the leaflet that was handed out at the Steve Webb meeting.

Please remember that you need to get your comments in before 6th August - that's Friday!

• There's no need to use the official forms – you can write a letter or email
• Write to Spatial Planning Team, SGC, PO Box 2081 BS35 9BP
• Email
• Send it to Steve Webb at Poole Court to pass on
• Please send a copy of anything to – or drop it in to Poole Court

Copying Steve in on your comments will help us to keep up the pressure.

Thank you to everyone who has already commented or is about to.


  1. Can any one clarify when development/building work is likely to start to the north of Brimsham Park adjacent to end of Randolf avenue ?

  2. I assume this would be part of the North Yate development envisaged under the Core Strategy. I'll see whether I can find out more, and report back here.

  3. As I suspected, this is part of the land suggested for development under the Core Strategy. There is no planning permission at the moment, so it is impossible to say how quickly it might be developed if the Strategy goes through.

  4. When and how will we know if the core strategy has gone through ?

  5. It's going to take months and months. First South Glos has to consider all the comments made, and decide whether they want to change parts of it - remeber that so far this is only the DRAFT strategy.

    Then they have to send their latest version to the Government, along with copies of everyone's comments. An independent inspector then looks at the latest version and the comments, and writes a report detailing any further changes that South Glos need to make.

    Only then can South Glos produce a final version which will be "adopted" - i.e. made into official policy.

    The result will appear on the South Glos website, we'll tell you about it on this blog and no doubt in Focus too, and I'm sure the local papers will run stories about it.