Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Will Steve Webb stand for Lib Dem Leadership?

There are several online campaigns in favour of Steve Webb standing for election as the next Leader of the Liberal Democrats. There's a Facebook Group "Steve Webb for Lib Dem Leader" - and a website - Bloggers4Steve.blogspot.com. These campaigns seem very appropriate seeing the impact Steve has been making with his online campaigning.

Steve is expected to say later this week whether he will stand.

The election timetable is as follows:

16th October - nominations open. To run, an MP must be nominated by at least 7 MPs; and also by at least 200 party members in 20 local parties.

31st October - nominations close.

17th November - ballot papers sent out to party members.

15th December - last day for return of ballot papers.

17th December - the new Leader will be announced.

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