Friday, 12 October 2007

Gore Blimey! Al Gore gets Nobel Peace Prize

It's good to see that Al Gore, maker of the environmental film "An Inconvenient Truth", has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

A day ago a senior judge criticised nine errors in the film, but the Nobel Prize recognises the significant effect that the film has had in changing people's attitudes towards global warming.

You may recall that we arranged a local showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" and we've been trying to get the film shown on TV. Maybe it's still a bit too inconvenient for the establishment.

How different history would have been if Al Gore had become President. There's been a lot of talk about him entering the contest this time, but apparently he would have to declare within the next 10 days if he's to have a realistic chance of getting the backing he needs and raising the necessary finance.

P.S. (17/10/07) There's an interesting piece in the Guardian claiming that the judge got at least some of his facts wrong when criticising the film, plus some seemingly informed comments from readers. There's an even more detailed discussion on RealClimate, a site that describes itself as "Climate science from climate scientists".
(Thanks to Belsize Liberal Democrats for these links)

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  1. The gross exaggeration and blatant propaganda for his big government solutions has made me more skeptical of the climate change alarmist camp.

    Its hard to take it seriously when against all the evidence they tell us civilisation is doomed and we're going to all be flooded.

    Gore does not deserve this prize.

    The IPCC on the other hand do scientific analysis not propaganda. I get the feeling they're going to be labelled deniers soon though because they suggest increased technological research and globalisation being the best way to tackle climate change which doesn't fit in with the 'green' world view.

    Congratulations to the IPCC, shame on the Nobel committee for blatant politics.