Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Cars before heritage?

We notice that the Conservative Club in Hatters Lane now has a newly surfaced car park.

Pity they haven't attended to Tudor House itself - this Chipping Sodbury landmark has rotting windows bereft of paint and cracks in the masonry.

Let's hope that's their next priority.

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  1. South Gloucestershire Conservatives, Thornbury and Yate Constituency5:05 pm

    With the Lib Dems at melt down in the polls, Mr Hulbert a well known Lib Dem Parish Councillor and activist is obviously using one of Sodbury's most treasured buildings to try and score a few political points to boost his party's abysmal standing.

    If Mr Hulbert used his local knowledge he would know that Thornbury and Yate Conservatives have over recent years restored the four Hatters/Weavers Cottages behind Tudor House to a good standard and now in recent weeks have seen the car park and access road to its neighbour's property revamped. This was the second stage in the maintenance of Tudor House Complex, the repair and redocration of the complex cottages were completed last year. The car park, due to being a danger to the public had to be resurfaced next. The third stage is the repair of windows to the Tudor House building and complete outside painting and repairs, which is due to commence this Autumn and continue until the Spring of 2008.

    Perhaps Mr Hulbert would like to follow many of his former party's supporters and join the Thornbury and Yate Association or Tudor House Club? Hew would be very welcome.

    Also, I would like to correct Mr Hulbert - Tudor House is OWNED by the Thornbury and Yate Conservative Association, the Conservative Club rent part of the building.

    Mrs Patricia Bashford
    Chairman, Thornbury and Yate Conservative Association