Friday, 31 July 2020


Here it is! After talking with users, the Focus Team have drawn up a draft vision document for the key primary network we need for people on bikes and mobility scooters / wheelchairs to get around town. The Town Council backed the plan this week - now it is for South Glos / WECA to decide what they can to do deliver it as they are the authority responsible.

There are lots of other things that need doing to fill gaps- this focuses on the 'strategic' network within Yate/Dodington - with exit points to connect to wider networks.
We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, gaps that need filling (we have a list, but if you can add to it that would be great).
At this stage this is not a formal document, it is an attempt to get South Glos and WECA to adopt a vision for the town. If we can get them to move, there will have to be all sorts of formal consultations before they can do anything on the ground.

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