Saturday, 4 July 2020


We've had reports from all over town about late night high speed racers. Congregating and doing wheelies on the Sports Centre Car Park, racing round St Briavels, Shire Way, Rodford Way, Greenways Road, Brimsham ay 80mph or more
We have raised all your concerns with the police, and advised residents to report it shopping centre issues to the shopping centre managers (who also do security on the car park).
Please can you report it to the police whenever you have a problem. They allocate resource by looking at levels of complaint. So your reporting is vital. We have also asked for it to be raised at the next police community meeting - if residents could attend that and explain that would help too.
The current activities are dangerous and disruptive.
We have spoken to the police about possible devices to stop them, but the police say these racers see interactive speed circles as a challenge to see how fast they can go, and are not deterred by speed humps. And South Glos Council won't put in interactive signs or humps unless there is a lot of evidence - too often sadly they only respond after people have been injured or killed. At the very least they need a lot of data from speed checks. Although we have a trained speed checker int he focus team, formal community speed watches, which she can help with, require the police to have identified a problem. So the key is getting the police to recognise the scale of the problem.

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