Monday, 9 July 2018

Shire Way traffic scheme consultation

If you've driven down Shire Way in the last few days you may have seen the yellow "Proposed traffic scheme consultation" signs, but even if you've looked on the South Glos consultation web page it's not very easy to find.

It's actually listed as “Yate Spur - Link to Central Yate” because it's to do with improving the access to the Yate Spur signed cycle route. The aim is to enhance safety for cyclists and encourage additional non-motorised journeys.

The proposal is to put two advisory cycle lanes, each 1.5 metres wide, down Shire Way from the Rodford Way junction to the zebra crossing that leads to Sargeant's Farm Bridge and the path and cycle track across Wapley Common.

Under this plan, the space for the cycle lanes would be freed up by removing the speed-restricting build-outs and the centre line. There would also be a short diagonal cycle path to the gate next to zebra crossing, so that cyclists and pedestrians would meet at the gateway.

The consultation is only open until 25 July, so please could people make their views known to South Glos.Here are a few things to think about:
  • If you're a local motorist, do you think that removing the build-outs would increase traffic speeds on Shire Way? Would removing the centre line increase road hazards?
  • If you're a cyclist, would the proposed arrangement make you feel any safer?
  • If you walk across to Wapley, would you want cyclists and pedestrians coming together right on the gateway, next to the notice boards?
  • If you're a local resident, can you see parking problems if the cycle lanes are installed on this stretch, bearing in mind that there have been efforts to stop people parking on the grass?
 You can get direct to the consultation by clicking on this link

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