Tuesday, 31 July 2018

All change on the buses

New high speed buses with special Yate numbers are being introduced from 2 September. The numbers change, and the times will change slightly - so you need to check YOUR journey carefully. Most of it is rebadging, so all the Yate buses have a Y number, making them easier to find.

But tucked in there are some significant changes. In particular, Cranleigh Court and Wellington Road areas lose the 46/X46 route - the route will exist, but it won’t go through Cranleigh Court / Halifax/Wellington Road. Nearest bus stops will be Church Road or Station Road. For many people it looks like their nearest stop will be in Randolph Avenue – with no shelter although the stop opposite that will no longer be served has a shelter.
  • Y1 - Every 30 minutes Mon - Sat (hourly on Sundays) via M32 high speed - old 47 route around Yate/Sodbury. In Bristol it goes to the BRI and the Centre, but not Bristol Bus Station. All other Bristol services go to the Bus Station.
  • Y2 - Hourly 7 days a week  on the old 47 route evenings, but day time it will start at Yate shopping centre.
  • Y3 - Hourly Mon to Sat, same route as old X46 but it will come into Yate along Station Road and do a one way route around Brimsham Park.
  • Y4 - Hourly 7 days a week same as old 46 as far as Yate Station, but will not serve Cranleigh Court Rd / Greenways Rd  area - it will go direct to Yate Bus Station  (so the 202 and 622 will be the only buses in Cranleigh Court)
  • Y5 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on same route as old X49.
  • Y6 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on the same route as old 82 

Please encourage people who use the buses to check their journeys and tell Ian Blair (ian.blair@southglos.gov.uk, tel 864099) about any other problems e.g. changes of times or precise routes. The new timetables are available here - just type in the new "Y" route number, click Submit, then click the "Display, Download and Print" button.


  1. LottieBus9:38 pm

    Seen on First's website August 9th 21h30:
    For Route Y4...
    "This route change is due to low customer demand around Cranleigh Court Road, Greenways Road and Church Road and to improve journey times for the majority of customers."

    Meanwhile I was originally told that route Y3 was to run via Stover Road (and avoid Cranleigh Court Road) but from the same webpage...

    "Service Y3 will operate via Iron Acton Way and Cranleigh Court Road then heading to Yate Shopping Centre via Station Road."

    Has something... err... happened? Right now, Traveline South West stil says Y3 via Stover Road, but things may change before September 2nd. But it still means no Sunday buses on Cranleigh Court Road (or north of Station Road within Yate.)

  2. Anonymous12:12 pm

    wow! fantastic news for us yaters