Thursday, 19 April 2018

Viaduct re-opening but A46 traffic lights going

Claire Young at the traffic lights on the A46
 The good news is that the council is planning to re-open the Bromley Heath Viaduct over the weekend of 27th April.

The bad news is that this coming weekend they will be removing the temporary traffic lights on the A46 near Tormarton, at the junction with the B4465 Westerleigh Road, which were installed to manage traffic diverted by the viaduct works. To carry out the removal there will be four-way lights in operation from 8am on Saturday until 6pm on Sunday.

Many local people believe these lights have made the junction safer. With the help of all of you that have shared your views with us, we've already convinced the council to start looking into a permanent solution. If it's to happen though we need to make sure this is a high priority for funding. If you would like to see permanent traffic lights installed and you haven't already signed our petition, please do it today.

They couldn't have had the temporary lights operating during the Badminton Horse Trials anyway - this junction will be controlled by the police as part of their traffic management for the horse trials. 

The A46 junction lights have been put on South Glos's list for future investigation and assessment, but if a new scheme is put forward it won't be for ages. Please sign our petition to keep up the pressure.

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