Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mud success

Focus Team members Louise Harris, Claire Young and Paul Hulbert check
out the rocks they picked off the road - all big enough to crack windscreens
Good news for anyone driving on Westerleigh Road or walking along the pavements - the mud and stones are being cleared and tipping stopped until further notice.

Local people were horrified when tipping started at Beech Hill Farm three weeks ago, leaving the roads strewn with mud and debris. Claire Young raised it with the council's planning enforcement team and since then has been continuing to share residents' complaints with them and Street Care, the team that looks after our roads. She also wrote directly to Keyway, the firm carrying out the tipping.

When Claire spoke to the Head of Street Care last week he told her that Keyway had been told to get a sweeper and team of workers with shovels out that day to clear the roads, otherwise the council would do the job and charge them for it. Even by the time this picture was taken the situation was much improved and as you can see a sweeper was in action (we were photobombed!)

Now someone has been out with a pressure washer hosing down the pavements and a sweeper has been cleaning all the roads around and leading to the land fill. Keyway have confirmed to Claire that they have closed the tip until further notice - but there's a lot more landfill to be done.

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