Saturday, 7 January 2017

Yate Spur cycle consultation - please send in your views now

Focus Team members Paul Hulbert and
Claire Young at the Shire Way drop-in session
This week's drop-in session at Shire Way was very well attended - 66 residents came along to find out more about the cycle path proposal and to voice support and/or concerns. Please could everyone now let South Glos have their views by email or letter. Full details of the scheme and how to comment are on the South Glos website. The consultation closes on Sunday 15 January.

This is the next stage of linking our area to the Ring Road cycle path and the Bristol and Bath Railway Path so that we're no longer out on a limb as far as cycle routes are concerned.


  1. i missed the event but am very much in favour..

  2. Please submit your comment to South Glos using the link in the blog post. Thanks!