Friday, 3 October 2014

Quarry Stockpile Battle Latest

For 18 years, Focus, and local residents have been fighting to get a commitment to move the Stockpiles from the top of the hill between Wiltshire Avenue and Barnhill Quarry. Despite every attempt to manage the problems it creates, residents still suffer dust and noise. When Wiltshire Ave was planned environmental experts said the houses were too close to the stockpiles. They were ignored. So with residents we have been fighting to get a plan to move the stockpiles.....

In the latest round of the battle, Council officials were planning to give in to Hanson and let them stay for ever. But Chris Willmore from Focus spoke passionately at both Planning Committee and then Full Council. She persuaded the Councillors to tell officers to think again. So, Hanson and the Officers have been sent off to see if they can find a solution.

But Hanson have threatened to claim massive compensation from the Council if the Council even asked for a phased plan to move them...... There’s a complex legal test that decides if they could claim compensation - they have been told to come up with evidence to show they actually meet that test - rather than just asserting it! Lawyers are now involved on all sides.

All that we are asking as residents is a commitment to keep as much of their stone as possible in one of their holes (where it comes from) not move it up onto the hill top!

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