Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Money to bin?

Don’t be taken in by the Great Tory Green Bin Con!

Tories want you to believe they would give you free Green Bin collection. the trouble is that to give everyone free green bins, they would have to cut something else - but they've refused to say what. Either they don't know, or they DO know and don't want to tell us because it would be something even worse...

The Tories did try claiming that collecting bins from early morning to late at night would save the money - until independent experts say it would actually COST over £50,000 more per year than it would save. Since then the Tories have been tight lipped about how they’d cover the cost of free green bins.....

So far over 38,000 residents have decided to go with the new scheme. Residents in Bristol and Bath & North East Somerset have been paying for their green waste to be collected for a number of years. No one wanted to introduce a charge here, but cuts had to be made somewhere. The 21 Lib Dem councillors on South Glos are committed to playing our part in making the difficult choices about which services to protect - let's hope the 33 Tory Councillors will start taking responsibility too, instead of playing politics.

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