Friday, 15 August 2014

Let's close the cycle path “missing link” - please sign our petition

Cllr Paul Hulbert and bike with Cllr Claire Young
and petition forms. The existing cycle path ends abruptly
near the Kidney Hill junction on Westerleigh Road.

Liberal Democrat Focus councillors have launched a petition to gather support for a project to close the “missing link” on the cycle path from Yate and Westerleigh to Bristol and Bath.

At the moment there is a link from the Bristol-Bath Railway Path – the “M1” of the national cycling network – but it stops south of Westerleigh.

South Glos has been awarded some government money from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The cycle path project was part of the bid, but as ever not enough money has been awarded to do everything. The council will be deciding which projects should go ahead next March.

South Glos Cllr Claire Young said “I am regularly contacted by cyclists wanting to know when this path will be finished. We're know there's strong support for the missing link and we hope to show that with this petition”

Dodington Parish Councillor Paul Hulbert said “I’ve been campaigning for a decent cycle link to the Bristol East Fringe for many years. This path would allow local people to get to the Emerson's Green Science Park, the nearby retail and distribution centres and many more employment and education opportunities”

The petition is available online at Paper copies are available from Paul by emailing

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