Friday, 14 March 2014

Summary of bus changes from 13 April 2014

As we told you recently, there will now be a direct bus from Yate to Southmead Hospital. But this is just one of the changes to come - here is a summary:

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Service 46 (replaces 327) Yate – Bristol
-    Will now serve Cranleigh Court Road, Greenways Road and Church Road instead of part of Station Rd.
-    Increased evening services, net result with Service 47 will be 30 minute frequency Yate – Bristol.
-    Also replaces 329, so Sunday services lost to Iron Acton, North Yate and Heron Way

Service X46 (replaces X27) Yate – Bristol
-    First taking over from Wessex Connect
-    Together with 46 and 47, will provide 15 minute frequency Yate – Bristol
-    Will not go beyond Bristol Bus Station to Anchor Road
-    But will start from Chipping Sodbury
-    Some Wessex X27 services possibly to continue on this route

Service 47/X47 (replacing 342/X42) Chipping Sodbury – Bristol
-    Increased Sunday frequency, later last journey home.

Service N47 (replaces N50 night bus)
-    Same service, different number.

Service X49 (replaces 689)
-    Will now stop at Bristol Bus Station, not Colston Avenue
-    Faster journeys and tops up Bristol – Yate service.

Service 81 (replacing 581) Kingswood – Bristol Parkway – Yate
-    Replacing 581 Hanham - UWE - Bristol Parkway - Yate - Chipping Sodbury
-    81 appears not to continue to Chipping Sodbury (not entirely clear)

Service 82 (replacing 482/483)  Southmead Hospital – Yate
-    Replacing 482/483 Chipping Sodbury – Yate – Cribbs Causeway.
-    Extended to Southmead Hospital
-    But Chipping Sodbury, Heron Way, Shire Way service lost.

Passengers for Southmead Hospital from Yate will be able to travel directly on the new Service 82; however, passengers will also have the option to travel on the 81 and then transfer to Service 18 at Bristol Parkway.

Here's a snag, though - there are hidden costs to some of these changes. Some people will now have to change buses at Yate, which will cost more unless they have season tickets.  What's more some routes are being taken over by First from Wessex, so they will no longer offer the £1 single / £1.50 return Hopper tickets within Yate and Chipping Sodbury.


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    The loss of the X27 service from Yate to Anchor Road is a major blow to a number of travellers who rely on the stops at the Hippodrome and Anchor Road for their jobs. This is a short sighted non consulted move by no doubt Planners placing their own convenience before those of fare paying peak time Passengers. You now provide us with no alternative to private it's back in the car we go!

    What bright spark thought this one through? X46 every 15 minutes, the goes past the end of my garden all day long...honestly a double decker with no passengers on the upper deck at all. Where's the logic, not forgetting of course the commercial sense In this.

    Sad news indeed for working people trying to do the right thing by using Public Transport effectively.

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Totally agree with above...all the workers that travel to anchor road will now loose out because of removing the x27