Friday, 14 March 2014

Even more bus changes on the way?

South Glos Council is consulting about changes to subsidised bus services. The consultation is available here - it closes on 31 March. Local impacts are as follows:

Service 222 Chipping Sodbury - Yate – Kingswood – Longwell Green (Aspects cinema)
-    Experimental service with low usage, to be discontinued
-    Brimsham Park and Iron Acton lose services

Service 622 Chipping Sodbury – Yate – Thornbury - Cribbs Causeway
-    removing journeys before 9am with a view to thereby reducing the subsidy the council pays for this service

Service 967 South Yate – Chipping Sodbury Secondary School – Brimsham Green School (schools service)
-    Actually Westerleigh – Shire Way – Chipping Sodbury – Yate, one journey each way.
-    The council is proposing to cease operating these services and to instead support schools and parent groups in setting up their own transport service if required.
-    This route is used by an average of 35 passengers with a subsidy of £1.98. There currently is no alternative route available.

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  1. Martin Davis6:57 pm

    Given the fact that there are already journeys on service 620 from Westerleigh and South Yate to Chipping Sodbury School,I personally reckon that they could keep the costs of running the 967 service down by having it run directly to Brimsham Green School only.

    I ended up on that particular 620 journey a few years ago and it seemed to be well loaded with Chipping Sodbury School pupils heading home to South Yate, Westerleigh and Pucklechurch. Does that therefore suggest that the 620 would be a viable alternative for these pupils?