Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Housing for Wapley Court site?

Several planning applications have been submitted for the site of the old Wapley Court Elderly Persons Home, in Kelston Close - the other side of the Rodford Way dual carriageway from Abbotswood shops.

Originally there was one planning application for the demolition and for a mixture of flats and houses. This was then withdrawn, and a "prior notice of demolition" was submitted instead. We anticipate that another housing application will be submitted in due course.

Dodington Parish Council objected to the first application, which was for 16 houses and a block of 9 flats. Kelston Close is the access road for Abbotswood School, Culverhill School and the Phase Five Playgroup, not to mention the QE2 Playing Field. This road is already very crowded at peak school hours, and the Parish Council fears that cars from the new development might start using the heavily used parking bays marked out on Rodford Way.

As the building is surplus to requirements and isn't suitable for community use - we've looked into it - we can't see any objection to the demolition, but we'll let you know when the important planning application for housing is submitted again.

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