Friday, 16 November 2012

Yate by-election result: Lib Dem Focus get more than 60 percent of vote

Margaret Marshall has been elected as the new councillor for the South East Ward of Yate Town Council, replacing the late Cllr Arthur Adams.

Margaret gained nearly two thirds of the vote. Full results were as follows:

Margaret Marshall (Lib Dem Focus) 386 votes (63.9%) ELECTED
Mike McGrath (Labour) 94 votes (15.6%)
Fred Watts (Conservative) 78 votes (12.9%)
Michael Dollin (Independent) 46 votes (7.6%)
Turnout: 19.1%

Result last time (May 2011): Lib Dem 74 % Con 26%
Lib Dems maintain 100% of Town Council seats.

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