Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An extra election for some parts of Yate

Margaret Marshall and Steve Webb campaigning
Margaret Marshall and
Steve Webb campaigning
at the weekend
If you live in the Yate South East ward, which stretches from Elswick Park to the Common, and from Yate Shops to just north of Abbotswood, you have an election for a vacancy on Yate Town Council caused by the sad death of Cllr Arthur Adams.

Lib Dem Focus Team candidate Margaret Marshall is a former town councillor - she stood down a while ago to look after her elderly mother, who has since passed away. Margaret is an experienced campaigner and a key member of the Focus Team.

Focus has a record of not only keeping but also improving our local services - look at imaginative projects like the Armadillo youth cafe, for example. Most recently the Common has been declared a Field in Trust so that it can never be built on.

If you live in this ward, please VOTE MARGARET MARSHALL on Thursday.

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  1. Mike Drew12:33 am


    Margaret Marshall (Lib Dem) 386 (63.9%)
    Lab 94 (15.6%)
    Con 78 (12.9%)
    Independent (12.9%)
    Turnout 19.1%

    Result last time (May 2011): Lib Dem 74.1 % Con 26%

    LIb Dems maintain 100% of Town Council seats.