Monday, 22 October 2012

First Bus abandons North Yate in the evening

As one of our readers has pointed out, the First Bus changes mean that there will no longer be an evening service from Bristol to North Yate - just in time for the cold dark evenings!

Yate Town Council are on the case - Ian Blair raised this at the council meeting last week and they have complained to South Glos for precisely this reason.

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  1. Martin Davis5:01 pm

    It looks as though the 329 service from Bristol to North Yate has now been withdrawn as planned.

    I would be rather interested to find out, would the cost be significant to extend the replacement 327 service to North Yate in order to continue to maintain an evening service in the area?

    I was also rather concerned at the fact that the new bus timetables were in place at at least one bus stop on saturday morning before the evening 329 had properly finished. This could have confused people who were wishing to travel that evening.