Friday, 19 October 2012

Changes to First Bus services

With effect from 4th November there are some changes to First services affecting our area. Passengers are advised to check timetables before travelling - new timetables should be uploaded on the South Glos Council bus timetable page shortly.

Service 327 (Bristol - Yate)
  • Monday to Saturday there will two additional journeys at 20:50 and 22:50 from Bristol to Yate.
  • Monday to Saturday there will be an additional and later last journey at 2140 from Yate to Bristol.
Service 329 (Bristol - Yate)
  • The Monday to Saturday evening Service 329 will be withdrawn.
  • The Sunday and Public Holiday daytime journeys operated by another operator will continue to operate.
  • The following Monday to Saturday evening journeys will be withdrawn:
       20:50 Bristol, Bus Station to Yate, Shopping Centre
       22:45 Bristol, Colston Street to Yate, Shopping Centre
       21:37 Yate, Shopping Centre to Bristol, Bus Station
       23:37 Yate, Shopping Centre to Bristol, Colston Street
  • Please see changes to Service 327 and Service 342 for details of alternative journeys.  
Service 342/X42 (Bristol – Chipping Sodbury)
  • Monday to Saturday there will be an additional Service 342 journey at 22:30 from Bristol to Chipping Sodbury. This additional journey will mean that there is now an hourly service from Bristol to Chipping Sodbury throughout the evening.
  • The Monday to Saturday 22:17 Service 342 from Chipping Sodbury to Bristol, Colston Street will terminate at Bristol, Bus Station and re-timed to depart at 22:30.
  • Monday to Saturday 23:15 Service 342 from Bristol, Colston Street to Chipping Sodbury will start from Bristol, Bus Station at 23:30.
  • Monday to Friday 05:50 Service 342 journey from Chipping Sodbury to Bristol will be brought forward to 05:40.


  1. Martin Davis1:15 pm

    Yes, its good news that there will be a replacement for the withdrawn 329 service.

    What is not so good news is there will no longer be an evening service from Bristol to North Yate. I feel really sorry for those who live the furthest out in Brimsham Park who will have to walk a considerable distance from Yate Shopping Centre to get home at that time of night and in the cold winter weather.

  2. Yate Town Council are on the case. Ian Blair raised this at Yate TC last week and they have complained to South Glos for precisely this reason.

    1. Martin Davis7:52 pm

      Thanks for commenting and good to hear that this issue has been raised.