Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tony Davis wins first stage in Common campaign

Tony Davis, a life long campaigner to protect the Common has managed to get agreement from the landowners (South Gloucestershire) to apply to make it a Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Field in Trust. A bit of a mouthful - but what it means is that the Common and the Fox Covert will have extra protection from developers and others.

The Fox Covert, part of what we think of as the Common is not actually common land, so it has always been particularly vulnerable. This new label will make it as safe as we possibly can get it. Now the experts are filling in the paperwork - and Tony is trying to make sure they do it as quickly as possible, so before the year is out, so we can celebrate 25 years of saving the common AND its new protected status.

To give it even more protection, he has got the landowners to offer to lease the lot to the local community for 50 years - and is trying to get the owners to GIVE the entire common to the town.

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