Friday, 3 August 2012

Help fight plans for Rodford School

Yesterday we reported your views on what should happen to Rodford School and Wapley Court. But council officials and developers have other plans...
...and officials are only giving you 10 days to comment! 

South Glos want to sell it to developers for housing. If they are going to sell the land it’s important to make sure they know what it’s worth, so some developer doesn’t come along and rip off the taxpayers - so it’s right to work out what to do with it NOW - but  their housing scheme can’t be the right answer.

South Glos  are willing to keep the playing field  for open space, sports and allotments but want to:

  • Scrap the landscaping put in by local residents, pupils and parents along Barnwood Road 
  • Build 66 houses (with just 101 parking spaces)  right up to the Barnwood Road edge of the site
  • There’s no promise to keep the trees. 

Where to see their plans

You can find their plans online or at Yate Library but they’re only bothering to put it on show for just 10 days - until 10th August . That’s absurd,  particularly in the school holidays.

Tell the officials what you think

South Glos Council’s consultants, Kendall Kingscott and an officer from South Gloucestershire Council, will be at the library on 7th August 2012 from 3.00 - 7.00pm, to answer your  questions.
  • Fill in the survey form at the Library (but also keep a copy!)
  • Email: the South Glos Officer in charge of the consultation:
  • Write: South Gloucestershire Council, Property Services, The Council Offices, Castle Street, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, BS35 1HF 
  • It’s really important for residents to let them know what you think of their plans. If you can’t get your views in by the deadline, then tell Tony as soon as you can - and he will  make sure your views count, whenever you get them to him.
  • If you want to join Tony campaigning to stop this proposal, contact him. Together we CAN get our voice heard. 

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  1. Anonymous11:06 am

    given the glut of vacant housing in the area, and the stalled development on the old coopers site , how can this be justified ? The traffic, parking ,and bus access along barnwood road is already a problem and the influx of upto 190 cars into the area is blinkered planning. Given that this is an olympic year and a jubilee,what consideration was given to sporting or civic development? Just another case of blantent profitering by s.glos rather than serving the comunity they are paid to look after. An OUTRAGE !