Monday, 9 July 2012

Yate Bus Station - keeping up the pressure

Focus councillors met South Glos officials on Friday to discuss the outstanding problems
We've been having another go at S Glos about the problems at Yate Bus Station. At a meeting on Friday we were told for example that the gaps at the bottom of the panels are "part of the standard design" and would cost thousands of pounds to change. We said that obviously the design was wrong, and we could find much cheaper ways of covering over the gap - we're going to get some quotes.

Back in May it was agreed that double sided poster boards for paper timetables would be put next to the electronic timetable sign. South Glos's technical staff then decided that would be impossible because it would stick out a few inches into that wide walkway. So we've asked for the timetable boards to be angled so that they don't  cross the edge of the walkway - simple really!

The electronic and poster timetable boards will then be fitted with infills underneath so that they stop a lot of the wind whistling through the shelter entrance, as we'd originally intended. South Glos will put a temporary fence in the position so that people can comment on it.

The existing paper timetables (currently on temporary small boards inside the shelter) are not very detailed - we've asked for some more detailed timetables to be laminated and stuck up until the big poster boards are in place.

It's clear that at busy times there isn't enough room in the shelter, so we've asked South Glos to investigate putting an extra shelter the other side of the walkway, in front of the bike stands.

Thanks to the members of the public who gave us comments at the meeting - they were very useful. For example, we found out that the Wessex bus times have disappeared from the electronic sign, so we're having this looked into.

We'll keep you posted...

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