Saturday, 5 May 2012

Progress continues on the Yate Cycle Link!

An update from the Joint Cycleway Group meeting this week - South Glos told us that all the necessary Network Rail permissions have now been granted, so that's a major step forward.

Phase 1 - Railway Path Spur to Westerleigh

A digger has already started on the route from the Railway Path Spur. By June it should be passable on foot or by mountain bike to Westerleigh. A compacted surface will be in by August, with completion to the final standard next year.

Most of the fencing is up, except under the motorway bridge, where palisade fencing will be put in - work will start on it this month.

Several big level differences are being sorted out. The route should reach the Westerleigh Road crossing by August, and it will be connected by an interim route to the Broad Lane cycle path that was signed a few years ago.

A large refuge will go in on the Westerleigh Rd crossing, similar to the Henfield one.

The "Lakes Route" (see our previous report) will go in AS WELL AS the main route, to give a range of different routes to the Railway Path Spur. The timing will be the same as Phase 1.

Phase 2 - Westerleigh to Shire Way roundabout

Serious negotiations have started with the farmers involved (they had already been approached previously)

Phase 2 will be installed next financial year.

Parkfield Rank Link - negotiations are also proceeding on a link from Parkfield Rank, so that will give another access point onto the new cycleway.

The next Joint Cycleway Group meeting will be in July, on a date to be agreed.

We're getting there...

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