Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Yate Bus Station - we're still on the case!

There have been a few improvements recently at Yate Bus Station. The lighting is now working, and the digital timetable display is now operational. Some of the arrival times are predicted based on actual bus locations, but other times are just taken from the timetable - not all buses have been fitted with the equipment yet.

However many problems remain - the "wind tunnel effect", inadequate seating and so forth. Most of these points were raised by local councillors back in the summer, but what was installed wasn't what we were promised.

A group of councillors met representatives from South Glos on site today and presented them with a long list of defects and shortcomings. South Glos have promised to get back to us within a couple of weeks with answers and some ideas about what would actually be possible.

Watch this space...

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