Monday, 7 November 2011

Yate Bus Station - today's update (?)

Chris Willmore reports:

The officer now responsible has gone on holiday, but his boss, Mark King has picked up the story. He replied to my chasing email today " Although we have been promised an update from Trueform, who are manufacturing the shelter we have not received it. They promised we would get an update by the end of last week." 

Before he went on leave the officer had called them twice last week to chase, and Mark has also spoken to them. They seem to be saying they will finish making it by the end of November, so will install in December. 

Mark says he has asked for a definite date and has been promised more information following a production meeting this afternoon. He will let us know when there is a definite. But don't pack away the first birthday balloons etc just yet, I still sense we might get undermined again........

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